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Crackpots Community Arts Organisation was formed in Cardiff in 1984. Joining forces with Christine Barker and Ellen Heeney on ceramics projects with children and young unemployed people as well as projects designed especially for adults with learning disabilities. A small start up grant was received from The Princes Trust and the Julien Melchett Foundation. This money gave us the basic resources to develop a mobile clay facility named Crackpots. We thought the name to be suitabley descriptive for an outfit doing public demonstrations of raku kilns and firings. We conducted numerous workshops in Cardiff during Arts Weeks as well as in schools during the long summer holidays. We were involved with Cardiff City Farm where an "accessible" pottery studio was constructed to compliment the existing carpenters workshop. During this period Crackpots also ran children's pottery workshops at music festivals like Glastonbury. See the Crackpots History page where our track record in Community Arts is documented in words and images. It's also where you can find my current CV.

Recent updates to the web site means more, fresh, creative, out pourings in music, film, photography and digital media have been added. Please enjoy the many examples of the esoteric and otherwise strange, fringey stuff, alongside the more traditional, plastic arts of painting and drawing. The examples of art, music and film published on this web site has been produced by a variety of artistes. There is plenty of music and film stock available to download for personal use. There is also opportunity to support Crackpots community activities. - You can buy individual music tracks produced by OCDC and available via Band Camp. Get involved, support the projects and enjoy the music.

All works found on these pages may be freely reproduced for personal use, but copyright does exists and the copyright owner must be consulted if you wish to use the material for commercial purposes. [Disclaimer] In all cases higher quality files are available. To obtain these or for anything else - eMail the Web Host