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Short Films

Cavern Exeter December 2022

This short film was shot by AD Pawley at the Cavern, Exeter in Deember 2022. Noah Burton invited the Barmy Army to play in support of a local mental health charity. We were very happy to have another chance to go work with Noah and Justin going barmy in Exeter for a good cause.

The Barmy Army December 2022

Alice's Wicked Tea Party 22 May 2022

A short film shot by Tay Brown at the Punk festival recently held near Wareham in Dorset. The featured band is the Barmy Army because his granddad and grandma are in the band ! This short was edited by Bongo Devi using Open Shot free video editing software.

The Barmy Army May 2022

Project 56

The second short film out of the stable in August 2021, features music written and performed by Captain Dick's Dimension. Again the film footage was captured on the way to Stonehenge in 1988, thanks to Oxford Film and Video Makers. Post production by Bongo Devi who inherited the stock and the equipment to do the post production.

Prelude John Mitchell

August 2021 has produced two short films using footage captured at Stonehenge in 1988. The music was produced by John Mitchell, playing bass, Chives on guitar etc. and Alfazed with his own lyrics on vocals

Lockdown Summer of Love

April 2021. This is the Spring release short film from the house of pane, wrought on Windows 10, using Open Shot Open Source video editor. The filmed material comes from the 61st reel which was shot in 1988 on the morning of the 21st June at Stonehenge and is finally being made available to the general public. The accompanying audio was recorded during the 2020 damnpanic lockdown at a clandestine VEAK session. Featuring Gia Callas on vocals, Art baby on MAC stuff, Mark on synth and Bongo Devi on keyboard, banging stuff and mucking about with nobs. This is released in memory of those forgotten victims of COVID who died at home alone.

The Barmy Army

Alice's Wicked Tea Party 2019

Pissed and Stoned

Bed Bugs aka Eaton Alive

Middle Class Anarchists

Broken Generation

Fish Heads

Super Sonic

Planet Vecon - Simple Song - Penis Head

Barmy Army at The Cellar Oxford

This is an unedited copy of the film shot by Isobell at the gig in November 2012, now available in .mp4 format. Enjoy ! BEWARE ! Turn your volume down before you watch the film.

The Barmy Army Now in mp4 format

The Road to Glory

This Road Trip movie is a recently shot mock your dentistry, or a construct of audio visual elements in an assemblage that could also be described as a timely product, finely wrought from long practised distraction techniques. This short entertained me for almost a whole evenings worth of spreadsheet avoidance.

The Road to Glory .mp4 format 3 minutes

Stonehenge 88 Revisited Part 1

The first film, titled "A Ten Bag" is the start of a series of shorts recapturing footage that was taken in 1988. The film documents various groups of walkers as they made their way to the Summer Solstice gathering at Stonehenge in Wiltshire England.

Stonehenge Part One Now in mp4 format

Part Two is now available for download

Stonehenge 88 Revisited Part 2

Stonehenge Part Two Now in mp4 format

It is our intention to release more short films over the coming months. We are looking for sponsors so that we can make a full length visual history documentary about the "New Age Travellers" and their involvement with Stonehenge.

All videos are available on DVD. eMail Bongo Dave to order your DVD copies now.

HOP Horns of Plenty play London March for the Alternative

Poster advertising the demo for the Alternative held in London in 2011

A video shot on Saturday 26th March 2011 in London. Filming was done at several locations during the March for the Alternative and was edited later by Ali Palmer Smith. This video is available in several formats convenient for streaming from this web site. Available now in Windows mp4 file format.

HOP Horns of Plenty play London March for the Alternative held in London in 2011 Now in mp4 format

Please contact Ali Palmer-Smith if you have any questions regarding Horns of Plenty, like if you would like them to play at your demo, party, festival, venue, cafe, bar etc.

Danny Graffiti Master

A short video made by Dan about his day with Jay, which was spent learning how to use spray paint and the finer points of tagging. Dan Nasirpour Smith 2011.

Danny Graffiti Master medium .mp4 format 28,014 kb

Ups of Downs

A short film by Alison Palmer-Smith about her son Danny who has Down's Syndrome. View this film featuring artist Dan Nasapour-Smith.

Ups of Downs medium .MP4 format

To find out more about the film or to arrange for a showing please contact Alison,

Telephone 01865 711665. Mobile 07776 430808 or send an eMail to Ali Palmer-Smith

The Fly

A short experimental video made on the course, "Shooting Video Intensive" at Oxford Film and Video Makers.

The Fly medium .MP4 format

To find out more about the video please eMail using this link

[Disclaimer] In all cases higher quality products are available. To obtain these or to add or change the content of the web site or for anything else - eMail the web host.

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