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Music Collaborations

Over the years I have had great pleasure in working creatively with a number of very talented people. In the worlds of music and noise creation there has been endless diversity and many exciting avenues were followed, very much like Alice, down the rabbit hole into previously unexplored auditory environments. This page hopefully sums up the stuff we managed to capture with any degree of integrity. I've done my best to transcribe these into digital formats recommended for publishing on the Internet. Free to listen to and Free to download. However you may wish to help finance this web site and Oxford PC Solutions Ltd community housing project SID, by purchasing music, like OCDC's The Dance Album via Band Camp

OCDC - The Dance Album

The first up is Sacred Geezers latest offering - recording as OCDC, Melodick and Bongo Dave are joined here by ChrisT in August 2016 to produce this Dance Album. The Album or single tracks are available for purchase via Band Camp, please use their on-line order process to make a purchase.


Buy any of these CD's and you contribute money directly to the Oxford PC Solutions Development Fund. The majority of this money will go towards the administrative day to day running costs of SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd. Any surpluses go towards funding the big project which will allow SOMA members to build their own eco-homes situated in a sustainable community. Please visit the SOMA web site at

Try These Audio Compilations for FREE

Bohmarie CD cover image for Bohmarie Bohmarie

Seasonal Sensori CD cover image for the Sacred Geezers CD Seassonal Sensoria Sacred Geezers

Sacred Kitchen CD cover image for the Sacred Geezers CD Sacred Kitchen Sacred Geezers

Gettin Sacred CD cover image for the Sacred Geezers CD Gettin Sacred Sacred Geezers

World Vegetable Peace CD cover for the Soil Brothers CD World Vegetable Peace Soil Brothers

The Barmy Army

As the name suggests, a odd bunch of anarcho's creating a great deal of loud and seemingly chaotic noise. Someone in the media once said, "They try to pass off musical shambles as an art form, and get away with it". I leave out the rest as it only detracts from the point I am making, that these folks are your original local punk band from back in the day. The same old attitude and some of the original numbers create a memorable experience which you need to have to fully appreciate this well crafted noise which has been described as "Panto Punk" It's actually much more and the only way to really tell is to go see the band play, and I mean there's stuff to see as well as hear that'll get your energy levels way up.

Older stuff from the Barmy Army

crowd scene from the gig in The Cellar Oxford 2014 BA's gigging at The Cellar Oxford BA's gigging at The Cellar Oxford BA's gigging at The Cellar Oxford

Demo compiled December 2019

- Practices Demo December 2019

April 2017 Semley Practice - Practice April 2017

Sound Works Remix - Sound Works Community Studio Oxford Re Mix 2015


The Cellar Oxford 2014 - PHOTOS - 2014

Demo CD - 2013 - Demo CD - 2013


Southern Soul

The latest and final release from the Ratgoose creamery was recorded in the summer of 2017. ChrisT, Melo-Dick and Bongo Dave coppled these tunes together one sunny Dorset afternoon. Post production by Bongo Dave. Public release March 2018 - here in full fat .wav format.

Mr Merriweather Melo Dick Bongo Dave

OCD Southern Soul

Hosted on SoundCloud


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